Room list

Standard room

There are 15 double rooms with one double bed and 1 single room with single bed in the hotel. The Standard Room is about 14-16 square meters. In double rooms there are double beds (160x200 sm) and single room is provided with single bed.
Double occupancy room rate is 10 000 rubles per night.

You can book a room via e-mail,
telephone +7 (342) 212-2-212
or on the page in the window gap "Online booking".

7 800 rub.*

*for single occupancy

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Complimentary breakfast. In case of early morning check-out we offer to our guests breakfast to take out
Free wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)
Digital TV
Air conditioner
Desk and chair
In double rooms there is a double bed (160x200 sm) and single rooms are equipped with single bed
Bed cabinets
Bathroom is equipped with shower unit/bath
Hair dryer
Set of towels
Personal-care products
Bathrobe and house shoes
To book a room
Booking system
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