The Art Hotel presents
Galina Vladimirovna Aksenova
Galina graduated from the I.D. Shadr Sverdlovsk Art College. She is a Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. She is engaged in creative activities and actively participates in the social and cultural life of the Sverdlovsk region, including charity events (helps orphans, disabled people, pensioners). She organizes master classes and courses for young artists, influencing the formation of the younger generation, teaches at an adult art studio and participates in more than 100 different art projects, including international ones.
Galina works in the of realistic impressionism style, her way of painting can be described as fearlessness of colour and, impeccable composition and drawing, at the same time.
Galina works easily in any genre. Her portraits are inspired, genre compositions are full of life, landscapes are mysterious, and still lives are poetic. The paintings are distinguished by airiness and light energy, which cannot be confused with anything.
Galina travels a lot, other countries give her not only new strength and inspiration, but the artist actively studies there.
After her trips, Galina loves her native Ural even more. Our simple pine trees, tree stumps, clouds, flowers inspire her to take a paintbrush. In her works, Ural landscapes are full of realism on the one hand, and they live their mythical life on the other hand. Our everyday Ural landscapes, which we have seen and see, we perceive quite differently and remember immediately at Galina's paintings exhibitions. Her paintings are full of deep power and admiration of the world.
Each of her paintings is a declaration of love for the surrounding reality, and for nature. In every season, be it autumn, winter, spring or summer, Galina Aksenova seems to be reborn again in the open air. She paints again with admiration and passion, and everything seems to be for the first time, but all with even more love and at a higher level of craft.
Galina Aksenova is one of those few professional artists in whose paintings the viewer can not only see the shades of colours, but also, which is very important and rare, shades of feelings.
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